Want to Host an Invictus Event?

As you have gathered by looking at our site, Invictus LEO goal is to bring officers together and share Jiu Jitsu with them. Invictus is for both officers that have Jiu Jitsu experience and those who are brand new to the art. Remember, the goal is to get officers and agencies exposed to Jiu Jitsu and show them first hand why the art is fundamental to what we do.
If you are interested in hosting an Invictus Super seminar, this is what you you need and what is expected:
  1. Access to a matted training facility for the seminar to take place. This can be a Jiu Jitsu academy or Law Enforcement training area.
  2. If it is a Jiu Jitsu gym, it must be run by Law Enforcement Officers or have active officers training in the facility.
  3. You must be active in the Jiu Jitsu and LEO community as you will be the boots on the ground contact for us. We will require the contact to help promote the event locally via social media, posters and contacts to other LEO agencies in the area.
  4. Room for 50 to 100 participants. Small mat spaces will preclude the seminar from running (that means over 2000 sq ft)
  5. Seminar contacts will be vetted by Invictus to verify LEO status.
  6. The seminar is open to all LEOs and also civilians who support the cause. The seminar does not include duty belts and gear. These seminars focus on gi and nogi techniques which will allow anyone to learn the moves. Its not police specific per se but will have a focus on police. Again, anyone is welcome as long as they love jiu jitsu and LEOs ;-)
  7. Gyms must be in good standing in their communities and not involved in any activity that would place Law Enforcement or Invictus in any sort of conflict of interest. Criminal or illegal activity supported by these gyms will preclude seminars.
What Invictus will handle:
  1. Social Media exposure for the event on a wide array of platforms.
  2. Collection of all fees from seminar attendees
  3. Organization of Instructor line up for the the event
  4. Invictus will handle all flights and hotel stays for out of town Instructors (if needed)
  5. Incidental costs will be handled by Invictus if needed
  6. Profits will go to Invictus supported charities.
  7. Instructors teach as volunteers. Invictus LEO is a non-profit group.
  8. Work out a time and date that works for all involved.
  9. Incentive: For every 10 participants, Invictus will donate $75
back to the host gym as a thank you. This means its in the gyms
best interest to advertise to its student base and locally.
If you are interested, email us here.
Ari Knazan and Jason Rebsch
Invicus LEO Collective

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