At Invictus, our main goal is to get Law Enforcement professionals training. We are not affiliated with any particular group listed below but strongly believe that they all offer fantastic and high caliber courses to make LEO's safer!

Physical Control and Combatives Programs


Code 4 Concepts: Code 4 Concepts (C4C) is the arm of PFC Training that delivers intermediate use-of-force, subject control, physical defense and combatives instruction.

Torvus Tactical: based out of Victoria BC Canada, Torvus Tactical aims to equip officers with solid fundamentals for arrest techniques, ground survival fighting and weapon retention.

Sheepdog Response:  Most people sign up for martial arts or weapons training expecting to learn realistic self-defense, and few get it .We have developed a curriculum that addresses the skills you need to successfully respond to threats. Get 25% off by using the discount code: Invictus

LEO Defense Systemsthe premiere integrative combatives and control systems for military, first responders, and top level private sector personnel. LEO Defense Systems creates agency/company specific curriculum from top to bottom based on the needs of the mission or duties of the job.

Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) :is Gracie University's specialized Defensive Tactics (DT) program for military and law enforcement professionals.

Blue Shield Tactical Systems:  is a Law Enforcement run training company that specializes in several areas of defensive tactics.

Storm Combatives: Strategy and Tactics On Redirecting Movement, for the purpose of lawful control and effective self-defense.

ISR Matrix: The ISR Matrix Law Enforcement (LE) is designed for the patrol officer as a complete defensive tactics system (hand to hand as well as less than lethal and lethal tools) that can easily be readily integrated with existing S.O.P. and use of force continuums as required.

Police Combat:  The system was developed and implemented in 2000 for law enforcement, security and military personnel, the L.O.C.K.U.P.® (Law Officers Combat Kinetics Unarmed Panoply)  program teaches arrest and control maneuvers for all levels of physical resistance and aggression.

Control Tactics and Survival SkillsTo provide peace officers and security personnel with reality based verbal and physical control tactics that work as well on the street as they do in the classroom.

Other Police Resources:

Force Science InstituteThe Force Science Institute is dedicated to promoting the value of knowledge through empirical research in behavioral science and human dynamics. We develop and disseminate high quality scientifically grounded education, training, and consultation to support fact-based investigations, inform decision processes, enhance public safety, and improve peace officer performance in critical situations.

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