Invictus: Latin adjective, "unconquered, unsubdued, invincible,"

THE VISION: To help Police Officers and Police Departments worldwide adopt Jiu Jitsu into their defensive tactics training and in turn, get more officers practicing Jiu Jitsu.

INVICTUS is A group spear-heading the #BJJMAKEITMANDATORY movement. Its aim is to get more Law Enforcement officers training Jiu Jitsu. Less THAN 3% of POLICE officers train outside their "minimum mandated" use of force requirements. THIS need to change.


It is our belief that all police officers should regularly train for real world scenarios using Jiu Jitsu based principles. The reasoning is simple: Jiu Jitsu makes police officers safer in the field by teaching them the fundamental positioning and skills for real life physical encounters. Knowing Jiu Jitsu will not only protect police officers but it will also protect suspects based on the scalable factor of the art. In turn, use of force issues will be reduced as well as injuries to police officers and suspects.  If the only tool you have is a hammer, then all problems are seen as nails. It’s time to introduce a tool box that is practical, varied and workable for police.

This is not a place for excuses. We know it’s difficult to add extra training on an already daunting schedule and demands placed on LEOs on a daily basis. This is a pro-active group of men and women who believe in the power of Jiu Jitsu.


It is our hope that bringing police officers together who train Jiu Jitsu, will help get this movement going. We are sharing ideas as a group on training methods, techniques, policies and how to get more officers and departments involved in teaching and training Jiu Jitsu.  Every police officer has the responsibility to his/her family, partners and the public to prepare themselves for all possible situations they may encounter while preforming their sworn duties.


​The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Let's take it together. Start Training Jiu Jitsu.


The Invictus Group

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