To help Police Officers and Police Departments worldwide adopt Jiu Jitsu into their defense tactics training and in turn, get more officers practicing Jiu Jitsu. #makeitmandatory

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Welcome to the Invictus LEO Jiu Jitsu Collective website. We are the group behind the #makeitmandatory movement which believes all law enforcement officers should have Jiu Jitsu as their base for defensive tactics.

Our site is constantly being updated with information relating to Law Enforcement defensive tactics and Jiu Jitsu related matters. Please take your time to have a look. ​ ​ ​ 

Invictus Super Seminars will mainly feature Law Enforcement officers who are also black belts. These instructors will have both an understanding of Jiu Jitsu and first hand real world experiences dealing with use of force situations.


The Most In-Depth Reports Conducted by Invictus

Why Cops Don't Train - An Invictus Study

This study was conducted over an 11-month period that included 3 surveys  and interaction/discussion ( that were “non-training” . For the purpose of this study, a non-training officer was one that was not participating in Jiu Jitsu or combatives outside their regularly mandated incremental training required by their department.

How Jiu Jitsu Is Saving Lives In Policing

The paper you are reading is the second in a series that is ongoing. Our first study: Why Cops Don’t Train: Investigations on Why Police Officers Avoid Jiu Jitsu and Use of Force Training, was released in January 2020. That paper was read over 13 000 times and shared to over 50 police agencies by members.